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A Unique Organization: How We Work

     Members of LF fully participate in the foundation’s mission. Every member votes annually on the submitted grant applications. The decisions regarding which projects to support are primarily made by the membership, not by the LF board.    
     The Latvian Foundation is managed by a board of six trustees elected by LF members. Its operating capital is comprised of initiation fees, annual membership dues, contributions, bequests, legacies and income from investments and other assets. The LF board and membership vote annually on submitted grant applications.
     Examples of projects awarded grants in years past include: financial assistance to Latvian summer high schools and camps; film productions of “Latvia: A Captive Nation” and “Es esmu latvietis” (I am Latvian); the translation in English and publication of “Sibirijas Bērni” (Children of Siberia); the cataloging of Latvian publications in the University of Helsinki Library; a grant to the LaPa Museum (Latvieši Pasaulē - Latvians Abroad); videotaped interviews of Latvian WWII refugees to be housed in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia; support to Latvian theater troupes touring the U.S.; and the publication of numerous books, CDs and DVDs.


Who Are We?

The Latvian Foundation is an association of donors who wish to cultivate and support Latvian education, culture and ethnicity for the future.

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The Latvian Foundation's Mission

Preserving and strengthening Latvian identity in a global environment

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